Neighborhood Emergency Action Team (NEAT)


NEAT is a 4 module course taught in 2 hour blocks at neighborhood facility or Huntsville Madison County Rescue Squad.


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DIB ISAC has designed the Neighborhood Emergency Action Team (NEAT) course to augment CERT training and also provide neighborhoods with basic skills and training to prepare families and neighborhoods for emergencies. This is a new course and will help families plan for emergencies. Classes are geared toward a neighborhood approach. It contains materials from our ERAP and CERTAP courses, but is geared for a broader age group.

Module 1 – Make a Plan, Work the Plan

  • Participants will learn the basics of emergency planning on an individual basis. We will build 24/72 hour kit plans, communication plans, and discuss how the 911 system works. participants will learn about emergency responders and which ones respond to their neighborhood.

Module 2 – First Aid Basics, Medical Emergencies

  • Participants will learn basic medical assessment and treatment skills. Participants will learn what to do in emergencies and hazardous events. Course will be taught by licensed Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)

Module 3 – Cyber/Physical Security

  • Participants will learn how the basics Cyber security, Social media pitfalls, and online predators. Home and family security will be taught. Course will be led by security professionals.

Module 4 – Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement

  • Participants will learn how to recognize the signs of domestic violence and proper procedures. Class will also cover the role of law enforcement and how we can work with them. We will also cover active shooter issues and how to better protect ourselves and families. Course will be taught with the assistance of Law enforcement professionals.