Employee Resilience And Preparedness (ERAP)


ERAP is a 6 module course taught in 2 hour blocks at customer facility. Participants will need to supply personal supplies ($40 approx.)

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DIB ISAC offers the Employee Resilience And Preparedness (ERAP) training that is limited to DIB ISAC members. This training expands on the training offered in the CERT class, but is custom tailored to the member needs. ERAP consists of 6, 2 hour modules that can be taught independently of each other, or in sets.

The modules are as follows:

Module 1 – Employee Preparedness,

  • Participants will learn the basic principles of personal preparedness at home and at work. Class will focus on individual resilience and rapid return to productivity principles.

Module 2 – Fire and Hazards, Shelter in Place, Evacuation, Risk Management

  • Participants will learn how to develop and implement effective response to hazards, effective Shelter in Place strategies, Evacuation planning, and Pre Fire planning

Module 3 – Medical Emergencies, What to do before help arrives.

  • Participants will learn how to do basic assessment and triage. Course will be taught by licensed Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and will teach basic medical response methods and Hands only CPR.

Module 4 – 24 hour Preparedness, How to prepare for unexpected events at work and at home

  • Participants will learn how to build 24 hour and 72 hour kits. They will also be taught how to prepare for Shelter in Place events that extend beyond 2-3 hours. This class will also help establish a culture of preparedness at home and at work.

Module 5 – Hazard Proofing Your Home

  • Participants will learn how to hazard proof a home and how to make effective 911 Calls

Module 6 – Safety on the Road

  • Participants will learn how to be more vigilant while on the road. Proper 911 calls, roadside help and Good Samaritan laws will be discussed. Vehicle preparedness, maintenance will also be covered.