DIB ISAC Active Shooter/Workplace Violence


This class focuses on mitigation and preparedness. Aspects of physical security are discussed as well as interfacing with local responders.  Please contact us for quote.

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Our Active Shooter training is focused on mitigation and preparation. The classes will be a combination of FBI approved videos, conversations with local Law Enforcement, and open discussions.

This training is meant to help companies understand the threat, take and plan preventative actions, and work with local law enforcement and other responders in this type of event.

Training can be customized to fit the needs of your company or organization from simple awareness training to active exercises involving simulated threats.

The basic course is a 2 hour mixed media course and will have an after training review where company policies and plans can be reviewed and potential improvements discussed.

This training can be tailored to management, employees, or mixed audiences. The management training will focus on mitigation solutions. It is recommended to have employee training, followed by management training. This training is offered by quote based on audience, complexity, and content.