Membership Benefits

  • Secure collaboration Platform
    • Ability to share information anonymously
    • Direct access to US Government threat products as generated by the various agencies
    • Access to a community of analysts to assist in rapid analysis of threats and mitigation strategies
  • Cross Sector Information sharing through the National Council of ISACs
    • Information from the cross sector collaboration portal
    • Access to Webcasts and other resources during nationally significant events
    • Sector to sector analyst meetings and conference calls
    • Access to threat information from FEMA, National Incident Coordination Center (NICC) and the National Communications and Cybersecurity Collaboration Center (NCCIC)

Services offered at an additional cost ONLY to members.

  • Guidance on DFAR compliance
    • Cyber Verify Program for contract compliance as well as access to the I2ACT online DFAR compliance tool (Additional Cost)
    • Assistance during and after a potential compromise
  • Corporate Emergency Response Training
  • Community Emergency Response Training (CERT)
  • Personal and Family Preparedness
  • American Heart Association CPR/AED First Aid
  • Active Shooter Response training
  • Continuity of Operations (COOP) support and Crisis Management
  • Resources to help during disaster recovery


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