Basic Member ideal for small companies less than 50 employes

The price for membership is $500.00 per Year.


  • Member Collaboration Portal –Threat Intelligence from CISCP platform and cross sector National Council of ISACs as well as Canada
    • Security Situational Awareness Advisories, Alerts, and Reports during crisis events

Founding Sponsor

The price for membership is $20,000.00 per Year.


Recognition as a Founding Sponsor

  • Advisory board member
  • Management and Member Collaboration Portal – Announcements/News, Calendar, Discussion Boards, Blogs, Contact Directory, Governance Portals (Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Executive Management, Committees/Working Groups, Projects/Programs), and Membership, Conference & Event Management
    • Global Automated Intelligence  Cyber Threat Indicators, Information Sharing, Threat Analysis, Analytics, Response Coordination Infrastructure – Private-Sector Organizations, Government (US DHS, Government Agencies), Law Enforcement, National and International Security Partners, and Academia)
    • Monitoring Network Communications for Intel Sightings – Sending Alerts
    • Security Situational Awareness Advisories, Alerts, and Reports – Daily
    • LifeRing Communications & Control – Secure Messaging, Text, Video Communication, Document Sharing, Response Coordination
    • Security Services – Access to Dedicated Intelligence Analyst, and Strategic Security Partner Products & Services (Discounted)
    • Program / Project Participation Contract  Opportunities

Student Membership

The price for membership is $50.00 per Year.


This program will provide access to resources not available to the general public and will serve to enhance the understanding of the threat landscape. You will also have access to our professionals if you wish to discuss issues that interest you as you develop your career objectives.



Individual Security Professional Membership

The price for membership is $50.00 now and then $15.00 per Month.


Designed for the Security Practitioner wanting access to threat data. Ideal for those who want to engage with others in their field within the ISAC infrastructure. Must have a certification from one of the recognized security organizations such as ISC2, ISACA, SANs or be a member of Infragard.

Intel Sightings and Defensive Measures Information Sharing Platform
Including – ISACs (Critical Infrastructure and Other Communities of Interest),
Automated Indicator Sharing, Worldwide and International Public/Private Partners,
State Government, Public & Private-Sector Organizations, Security Partners, US DHS, International Communities, Threat Analysis, Analytics & Response Coordination
Cybersecurity Education & Training  (Discounted) Courses, Programs, Customized Training