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Designed for the Security Practitioner wanting access to threat data. Ideal for those who want to engage with others in their field within the ISAC infrastructure. Must have a certification from one of the recognized security organizations such as ISC2, ISACA, SANs or be a member of Infragard.

Intel Sightings and Defensive Measures Information Sharing Platform
Including - ISACs (Critical Infrastructure and Other Communities of Interest),
Automated Indicator Sharing, Worldwide and International Public/Private Partners,
State Government, Public & Private-Sector Organizations, Security Partners, US DHS, International Communities, Threat Analysis, Analytics & Response Coordination
Cybersecurity Education & Training  (Discounted) Courses, Programs, Customized Training

The price for membership is $50.00 now and then $15.00 per Month.

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The undersigned, being the duly authorized representative of the applicant (“Applicant”) seeking to obtain Membership in the Small Business Information Sharing and Analysis Organization. The Applicant agrees to protect shared information under the terms of the Traffic Light Protocol and will not share information to any unauthorized person or group. The applicant hereby acknowledges and agrees, in the name and on behalf of the Applicant, that the undersigned understands and has reviewed this membership agreement and that upon the admission of the Applicant as a Member (which admission may be approved or denied by the Small Business Information Sharing and Analysis Organization in its sole discretion), the Applicant hereby agrees to be bound by the terms thereof, as the same may be amended and/or restated from time to time.

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