About Us

The DIB ISAC  is a 501 c 6 Non Profit supported by the membership. The objective of the DIB ISAC is to facilitate collaboration among the chapter’s members to defend corporate key resources and critical infrastructure against security threats and to collectively encourage their use of national DIB ISAC resources. The DIB ISAC primary functions are to gather and share information/ analysis on security issues whether related to cyber or physical events; threats and intrusions; facilitate security best practice sharing; and enhance the ability of the DIB sector to prepare for, respond to and mitigate risk due to security threats, vulnerabilities and incidents.

We also facilitate training for our membership in critical and time-irrelevant issues, such as workplace violence, active shooter, business continuity and risk management.

Press Releases

While not a part of DHS, we partner with the DHS in their information sharing programs as well as the UK and Canada. We also share information with the other sectors including Finance, Real Estate and Retail. We have supported the National Council of ISACs as well as many of the emerging Information Sharing Analysis Organizations (ISAOs).

DIB ISAC Mission

The DIB ISAC was created to address an all hazards approach to securing the DIB Supply Chain. Trusted and effective threat collaboration is a critical benefit of the DIB ISAC member firms. The DIB ISAC strives to provide these firms’ analyst or security officers a broad, multi-sector view of emerging threats that may extend well beyond the analyst’s respective organizational domain. The DIB ISAC uses a regional outreach to ensure that member companies receive actionable threat intelligence and can also share such intelligence with partner firms. The ISAC also provides assistance in responding to and recovery from manmade and natural disasters.


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