About Us

The DIB ISAC is a 501 c 6 Non Profit supported by the membership. The objective of the DIB ISAC is to facilitate collaboration among the chapter’s members to defend  key resources and critical infrastructure against security threats and to collectively encourage the use of national DIB ISAC resources. The DIB ISAC primary functions are to gather and share information/ analysis on security issues whether related to cyber or physical events; threats and intrusions; facilitate security best practice sharing; and enhance the ability of the DIB ISAC members to prepare for, respond to and mitigate risk due to security threats, vulnerabilities and incidents.

We also facilitate training for our membership in critical and time-irrelevant issues, such as workplace violence, active shooter, business continuity and risk management as well as cyber threat detection, prevention, mitigation and response

The DIB ISAC promotes information sharing through guidance, by assuring awareness of threats and providing services supporting government and industry reduction of cyber risks. This coordinated development of public- and private-sector leadership and partnerships allows all entities across the world to opportunity to become cyber and physically resilient.

DIB ISAC Mission

The DIB ISAC advances and supports international all-hazards (physical and cyber) security situational awareness and defensive measures, information sharing, coordinated response, and adoption of cyber and physical resilience best practice supported by education.


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