Welcome to the Membership portal for the DIB ISAC. There are many benefits to joining, from current threat assessments to continuity planning and support. Our goal is to help your company be better equipped to face the hazards and distractions that eat up profits and valuable resources. Not only does the DIB ISAC provide you with critical cyber and all hazards intel, but also with services to help you meet critical standards and regulations.

The DIB ISAC was created to address an all hazards approach to securing the Infrastructure of the key assets . Trusted and effective threat collaboration is a critical benefit of the members. The DIB ISAC strives to provide these analysts or security officers a broad, multi-sector view of emerging threats that may extend well beyond the analyst’s respective organizational domain.  We also provide assistance in preparing for, responding to and recovery from manmade and natural disasters. You can sign up for the UAS ISAO here as well, our partner organization.


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